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Gen Wealth brings the Binance Smart Chain investors a truly unique tokenomic structure where diamond hands are truly rewarded for simply holding.

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Crypto for Generational Wealth

We have built this with one goal in mind, that's to reward diamond hand holders. The concept is simple, buy and hold, and benefit from sellers getting rekt.


30% BUSD Rewards

Our Holders benefit from 30% transaction fees in BUSD. Hold and Earn


10% Locked Liquidity

We add 10% of each transaction back into the Locked Liquidity Pool to strengthen the value.


20% Staking Pool

Staking capability will launch mid March 22, allowing investors to stake their tokens and earn even more.


10% Burn

10% of each transaction is burnt, making it a deflationary token and ultimately reducing supply/increasing value.


Our taxes will remain simple. 10% on all Buys and 20% on all Sell transactions. This is how our Diamond Hands get rewarded and sellers get rekt. This can help us sustain a good budget for development, marketing, and a healthy LP.

Fair Launch Start

Feb 14, 2022 (21:00 UTC)

Fair Launch End

Feb 20, 2022 (21:00 UTC)

Soft Cap


Min / Max

No Min or Max

Launch Date

Feb 20, 2022 (21:00 UTC)

Presale Platform


Expected MC (estimate)


Liquidity Locked

365 Days

Token Distribution

Fund Distribution

GW Mobile App Coming Soon

We are currently developing the dapp which will be launched mid March 22, this will feature a set of functionality to allow our investors to further grow their investment and get great returns.

  • Staking
  • Farming
  • Reflections Tracker
  • Exchange & Dex


After launch, we will be continuously improving and evolving our project to give the best possible experience for our holders and provide a steady flow of innovation that keeps investors engaged with the Gen Wealth project in the long term. Our product at launch demonstrates the ground floor for our project, a proof of concept and quality that our team will strive to maintain and build on throughout each stage of our roadmap.

Project Creation - Q1, 2022

Project ideation comes to life, brand creation and contract development starts. We will setup our social channels and start growing our brand awareness through several marketing campaigns. We will also launch a small private sale to assist with marketing and development cost.

  • Project Setup
  • Website Development & Contract Creation
  • Dapp Development Starts
  • Social Channel Setup
  • Pre Marketing
  • Contract Audit & Release
  • Team KYC
  • Fair Launch on PinkSale
  • Marketing

Initial Push - Q2, 2022

On completion of successful listing and growing our volume, we will apply for fast track service on Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko for market exposure and awareness.

  • CMC & CG Listing
  • Dapp Launch (March 22)
  • Team Doxxing
  • Minor Exchange Listing

Exceleration - Q3, 2022

Our Mobile App will be launched and provide our investors to Stake and Farm their GW tokens, in addition we will expand our platform and introduce further utility. Our true diamond hand holders will reap the benefits of those that decide to exit before this period. We will push further marketing and apply for our major exchange listing.

  • Major Exchange Listing
  • Partnership Announcements
  • Loan Platform
  • Dex Launch
  • NFT Auction Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most common question we get asked.

We are a team of individuals with vast knowledge and experience in Solidity and project innovation. We are all crypto traders at heart who have been in the space for many years already. Due to the fact that some of us hold positions at some very important companies, we will dox ourselves publicly to the community once we reach 10m market cap.

The contract is in the process of being audited. We will soon publish the audit results to the community and encourage everyone to review it. We build our foundation on transparency and trust and ensuring our contract is safe and clean gives our investors a boost in confidence knowing their investment is safe.

Our Pink Sale Fair Launch is live, and you are able to get in on the ground floor level. We will then shortly after that launch on Pancakeswap where you will be able to buy.

GW token is a BEP20 meaning it is currently on the Binance Smart Chain. BSC compatible wallets such as Trust Wallet or wallet extensions like MetaMask, MathWallet and Binance Chain Wallet are compatible.
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We are always happy to take questions and project feedback. If you would like to get in touch with us then please use the form below and one of our team members will contact you wihtin 24-48 hours.


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